How does it work?

So what we are going to do, is to upload our images to imgur, then use our own domain as a “Proxy” for the imgur images. We will be using Cloudflare workers to do this as it is free and easy to setup! A hosted example can be found at so basically, the url is a proxy for! I will be using sharex as it is a free and open-sourced tool.

Thanks to Duncte for the original idea and the code which I modified :)


  1. A domain
  2. Cloudflare account
  3. ShareX installed
  4. Imgur account (Optional)

Setting up cloudflare workers:

  • Add your domain to cloudflare, wait for the DNS changes to propagate. Add Site

  • Go to cloudflare workers Workers

  • Make a new worker with any name. Use this code but make sure to edit the DOMAIN variable: Gist Worker
  • Turn on the worker, Now go to your domain, then the Workers tab: Worker Tab
  • Click on Add Route, Then enter subdomain.yourdomain.tld/* and select the worker you have created earlier. tld
  • Make an A record for the subdomain you chose earlier, that points to or any other IP address. Make sure the record is proxied through cloudflare. record
  • You are done setting up the worker part! Now all that is left is changing your sharex settings.

Setting up Sharex:

  • Set your image uploading destination to Imgur. imgur
  • Click on “After Upload Tasks” and select Shorten URL. Shorten URL
  • Go To Destinations > Custom uploader settings and Import from clipboard;
    "Version": "12.4.1",
    "Name": "imgur domain change",
    "DestinationType": "URLShortener",
    "RequestMethod": "POST",
    "RequestURL": "",
    "Body": "JSON",
    "Data": "{\"url\":\"$input$\"}",
    "URL": "$response$"


  • Change the URL to your own domain and save.
  • Go to Destinations -> URL Shortener -> Select Custom URL shortener shortener

  • That’s it! You have a fully working and free Image hosting domain!

Add me on discord if you encounter any issues (EliteDaMyth#0690)